Integrated science at Learning Circle Preschool

Learning Circle Preschool, serving children aged 2.9 – 7, is accredited by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children). The school offers two, three, or five day morning programs, afternoon enrichment programs, and extended day hours to 4:30 p.m. Set at the foot of the Great Blue Hill, the facility houses three spacious classrooms and a state of the art playground in a natural setting. The school features a highly individualized, creative, and engaging curriculum that follows best practice guidelines developed by Massachusetts as well as those developed by the National Association of Educators of Young Children.

The Learning Circle’s kindergarten class accepts older pre-k children who are not yet eligible for a public school kindergarten but who may benefit developmentally from a transitional class, as well as children who will make the transition to first grade in the following year.

Learning Circle uses a project approach in curriculum development that is inspired by schools that developed in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Children enjoy engaging, hands on experiences that build a strong foundation for learning with individual attention and project work in small groups, respectful and nurturing interactions, opportunities to plan, reflect on, and work on projects over time, and an integrated arts and science curriculum.

Parents enjoy on-going communication, detailed documentation of each child’s growth and development shared in a portfolio system, newsletters and other written information about the program distributed regularly, parent meetings and discussion groups on educational and parenting issues, and a welcoming attitude towards parent participation in the program.

Class sizes range from 10-14 students, each with two highly qualified and experienced co-teachers.

We’re Using the Outdoor Stage!

The first phase of our Outdoor Stage is now complete and the children have started to use this fantastic addition to our playground!

A few years ago, we came up with a design for an outdoor stage to enhance play opportunities for children on the playground. With a LOT of help on construction (Mike Griffin drew out a design that would work and has worked tirelessly constructing the stage this fall along with Christian Diamandis and family, and with help from James Doherty) and with the support of the many families who donated funds for the stage through our Annual Appeal, we’ve met our goal!

An outdoor stage offers the children space where they can engage in imaginative, creative and expressive play, including pretend play, puppetry, drama, storytelling, dance and music. It’s a “destination” spot on the playground that can help contain a “big idea” that a group of children share.

“Dramatic play permits children to fit the reality of the world into their own interests and knowledge. One of the purest forms of symbolic thought available to young children, dramatic play contributes strongly to the intellectual development of children.” ~Jean Piaget

With very little introduction, the children have created some wonderful play opportunities together already. We’ve seen puppet shows and scarf dancing. We’ve seen parades as children use instruments and sing together. And we’ve seen organized “performances”, when a few children provide music for others who improvise expressive dances.

We can’t thank our community of supporters enough for helping us continue to develop the space and opportunities children need to create, plan, and learn together. The time, caring, expertise, labor, and funding offered is truly incredible and we are all deeply grateful. It’s a joy to watch our children grow together!

New and Upcoming

Summer Program registration underway!
We are beginning the enrollment process for our Summer Science and Art program here at Learning Circle. Program dates are from June 13 – July 21. The program runs Monday-Thursday each week, with options to attend either two or four days. Hours are 8:30-12:30, allowing time for relaxed exploration and a lunch brought from home. There are 15 children (between 2.9 and 7) in the group, with two teachers, and the potential of adding another teacher if there is sufficient interest. More info.

Auction Acknowledgements
Our 10th anniversary auction was not only a successful fundraiser for the school.  It also was a wonderful occasion where current parents, alumni parents and community supporters had a great time.
We want to thank the many friends and families of Learning Circle Preschool for their contributions of time, hard work, goods and financial support.  Without these generous donations the school would not exist.
And also, we’d like to thank the many local businesses and organizations that helped make our recent auction a success.

Enjoy views of past work, projects and on-going experiences and investigations

Music is incorporated into each classrooms’s curriculum every day at school.

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