Food Day 2016

Food Day 2016

Our Food Day Festival was a wonderful success for the children this year (2016) – it would have been impossible without the participation of so many engaged and hard-working family members!

With questionable weather reports, we set up inside, with a variety of stations related to healthy foods, gardening, varieties of fall vegetables currently being harvested, compost and recycle.

Children snapped beans to look for seeds, documented a huge variety of fall vegetables by drawing and investigating with magnifiers, planted garlic, watered and re-planted our pumpkin, kale, chard, and other plants growing under grow lights, painted with vegetables and fruits, sorted items to compost or recycle, played food matching games, created food shapes with playdough, enjoyed a “crunch” table with lots of healthy foods to taste, and read books together on food, garden and farm-related themes.

Each child followed a map to make sure they reached every station around the school, and received a sticker at each station to help them remember where they had already participated. When the map was complete, children enjoyed an extra treat – an oatmeal carrot cookie made from an early sprouts recipe we cook annually at school.

Here is a collection of photos from the day.

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