The Learning Circle Preschool has a lending library of almost 2000 books. Parents are welcome to browse and sign books out for two weeks, using our computerized catalogue system. Books can be searched by title, author or keyword.
The library has been built primarily through the donations of parents, teachers and friends of the school.

We want to make sure you all know that the library in the welcome room is a lending library. You are welcome to sign books out for 2 weeks at a time. There are both children’s books and parenting books as well.

To sign a book out, please use the small computer on the trapezoidal table in the welcome room. The program that classifies the books is called “Readerware”. You can find books by title, author, or keywords (the categories come only from the library of congress system so are not very specific – you’ll have better luck trying keywords). You can view the books as a list, or use the “thumbnail” view to see a picture of the cover. Book descriptions in the system come from amazon.

You’ll need to find the word “loan” to actually note that you have the book. There are directions posted near the computer and around the library shelves as well. When you return the book please use the brown bin that is labeled for this purpose – we’ll make sure it’s back in the system before we re-shelve it.

Feel free to use the computer to search for books or anything else on the internet as well. There are also links to family resources on the desktop that you mat find of interest.

Donating to the Learning Circle Library through Birthday Books

The Learning Circle Preschool Birthday Books Program is an important way that families support literacy experiences at school and is based on a tradition that has been used in many book- loving schools over the years to help build great libraries.

In celebration of your child’s birthday, we ask that you consider donating a book to the school library. If you wrap a book (either one from our “wish list” or a favorite of your child’s) then at a classroom meeting the package will be opened so that the book can be shared with friends. We will inscribe the book in your child’s name, or you may want to write your own inscription. After a few days, the book will become part of the whole school library.

We also invite and encourage you to consider coming in to read your child’s “birthday book” to the class, so that you can join your child’s school birthday celebration.

If you prefer, books can help celebrate any family event or person you would like – just let us know what the inscription should say.

If it is easier for you for us to buy the book, that’s fine too. Let us know how much you would like to donate and we will take care of the rest. We will send you a receipt for monetary donations, for tax purposes.

Library Wish List
These are some suggestions of books we’d love to add to the library.  Thanks to all who can help.

Library Wish List Fall, 2016

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