Learning Circle Preschool Staff
The staff at Learning Circle Preschool are highly experienced, dedicated teachers who have a strong commitment to the program and who have worked with young children for many years. Teachers work collaboratively within their classroom as co-teachers, and as a group of eight working on whole school program development. There is an active professional growth and development program at the school, so that teachers are current on educational developments, NAEYC accreditation and Massachusetts Early Education and Care standards, and best practices for young children. More info.

Learning Circle Preschool Board of Directors
The Board of Directors oversees the Learning Circle Preschool. The Board consists of two faculty members, six members who are current parents, and a community member.
The board oversees the business and policy related affairs of the school. Practically speaking, this includes overseeing the budget, making financial decisions, organizing fundraisers, assisting with publicizing the school and its events, and setting annual goals for the board.
The Board meets every second Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm. The parent discussion typically begins at 8pm.
Parents are invited to attend all meetings.

Board Newsletters

March 2016

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