The space at Learning Circle Preschool consists of three sunny and spacious classrooms, a welcome room and reading area, a shared a small group area that has materials and tools for scientific investigation, Orff-Schulwerk and other high quality musical instruments, a carpentry and a clay works area. Outdoor areas include gardens and a spacious playground, with many natural elements.

Children from any class may elect enrichment programs, either every week or more occasionally. Each enrichment day includes a focus, for example, visual arts, science and mathematics, story telling and drama, music and creative movement, or literacy.

Extended Day options are also available for all children. Early arrival begins at 7:30 a.m. and the afternoon can extend as late as 4:30 p.m.

The Welcome area houses the school library with a reading area, a message center for parents and cubbies for the children’s belongings.


Children in the Nuthatch room attend five days a week. The program includes two longer days as extensions of the morning. On Monday, the classroom is used for the art enrichment program.

The Goldfinch room is used by kindergarteners and older pre-schoolers.

Children in the Chickadee class attend either two, three or five days a week. These children are often less experienced in group settings and may be from 2.9 years to young 4 year olds.

The outdoor space features a spacious playground and expansive areas for exploration of the natural environment. Please see the Facilities page for more information.