Prospective Family Enrollment FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About the Enrollment Process

When does the registration process begin?
We begin accepting registrations for the next academic year in September of the current year (i.e., one year in advance of enrollment). These are collected through the fall. Current families have until December 1st to let us know their schedules and we begin to call prospective families to confirm placements in early December.

Is it possible to get some help thinking about my decision about the educational values of various schedules or classes?
Absolutely! Please let Katrina (the Director) know that you are hoping to talk about this. We can talk about advantages and disadvantages of any classroom placement or schedule that becomes available.

Do I need to know about enrichment programs or extended day this early?
Not necessarily. If you register for the days you’ll need, you can always adjust your child’s afternoon schedule later. That said, afternoon spaces often fill up, so please share your thinking with us so that we can be sure you have choices!

When will prospective families hear about spaces?
Enrollment is a fluid process but we do our best to confirm available spaces with new families to the school during the first week of December. If there is no space available that you’d like to use, you can keep your child’s name on the waiting list in case a space opens up later.

Once I submit my registration form does that mean my child’s space will be held?
No. You must:
1) Submit a $50 processing fee for each registration,
2) Submit a signed tuition responsibility form,
3) Submit a $250 deposit, and
4) return a signed tuition responsibility form.
The registration and $50 processing fee should come in first to assure your child’s name is ion our waiting list and therefore in the first draft of placements. The tuition responsibility form and deposit are due within 2 weeks of hearing confirmation that there is a space.

What if I’m applying to another school and won’t hear about a placement until later?
Let us know if you’d like us to try to maintain some flexibility through our enrollment cycle in case you need a space, and we’ll let you know how long we can be flexible.

Do all the spaces fill by December every year?
The school is rarely completely full as early as December. We continue to fill spaces through the school year on a first come first served basis for developmentally appropriate placements as changes occur. Registering in the early fall gives your family the best chance to secure the schedule you are most interested in.

Thank you for your interest in Learning Circle Preschool!