What Parents Can Expect from the School

  • Three conferences per year using a portfolio system. Photographs, work samples, anecdotes, and observations are all used to give parents a concrete picture of their child’s school experience
  • Teacher availability on a regular basis for additional meetings, telephone conferences, or other extended conversations about the children
  • On-going informal conversation about classroom events
  • Daily notes posted about classroom activities, “ask your child about” notes, and other written means of informing parents about their child’s school experience
  • Weekly newsletters from each child’s classroom, highlighting curriculum and interests
  • Monthly newsletters featuring whole school news and classroom updates
  • A welcoming attitude toward parent participation, including visits to the classroom for a brief time or for the day, joint classroom curriculum projects, participation in whole school projects and/or planning, etc.
  • Parent discussion groups that are regularly planned on parenting or educational issues pertaining to early childhood
  • Membership in Learning Circle Preschool. Members attend one mandatory annual meeting to elect members (one vote per family) of the Board of Directors, hear about whole school issues, and share feedback. In addition, Board meetings are open to members, and members participate on Board committees
  • An active supportive community