How Parents Communicate with Teachers and the Program

There are three formal conferences each year between parents and teachers: one in October, to talk about initial adjustment to school, one at mid-year, to talk about goals, and one in the spring, to talk about progress, growth and development of each child over the school year as well as plans for the next year. Many parents ask teachers for additional meeting times, either to check in for an update on a child’s progress, or at other times parents feel the need for this connection with teachers. If a child in the program is identified as having special needs, then conferences are arranged every three months. Please do not hesitate to ask your child’s teachers for meeting times at any time you feel it would be helpful.

Please check the boards posted on each classroom door for quick notes about things happening in the classroom on a daily basis. This is a great source of information about your child’s experiences at school, and can help parents have the information needed to encourage children to talk about school at home.

You can expect that your child’s teachers will communicate with you at least weekly regarding your child’s activities, development, and any other information or concerns that they have to share with you. These communications are specific to your child, and in addition to any general classroom information you receive through newsletters or classroom notes to parents. If you need assistance accessing specific information about your child’s school experiences, please feel free to ask the Director for help.

Newsletters are distributed to all parents every month with general news highlights from classroom curriculum, and information about upcoming events.

In general, the teachers try to separate home toys from school toys, and to encourage children to use school materials while at school. We do make exceptions. The stuffed animals that are “special friends” are often an important help in making a transition from home to school and are welcome. In addition, since sharing toys with friends is often very important to the children, teachers set aside times for sharing – usually at the beginning of each school day and before meeting.

Each teacher has a designated area in which you will find written materials of direct interest to you and your child. Please check for these materials on a regular basis so that we’re sure to keep in touch.

Although it’s hard to talk for extended periods at arrival time or pick-up time, we welcome your conversation. If it seems too chaotic to talk right there in the classroom, then we can use the opportunity to set a time with you when we can talk without interruption.

Morning teachers are available every afternoon to talk with you by telephone or to arrange a meeting time. For parents of children in the afternoon program, please feel free to call the Director in the morning.

If, after talking with your child’s teacher, you feel the need for another perspective or more information, please feel free to call or set a meeting with the Director.

We want to encourage you to participate in your child’s school program by keeping in touch with teachers, sharing your ideas and feelings with us, and by spending time in the classroom if you so desire and by arrangement with your child’s teacher.

Whole School Newsletters

These newsletters are distributed to current families every month and include information about upcoming events, classroom projects and educational issues.

Board Newsletters

Board newsletters highlight current projects of the board and invite family participation in whole school activities.