Please begin the registration process by telephoning the Director, Katrina Selawsky, at 1-781-828-4800, or use the form on the Contact page. We encourage all families to arrange a meeting and a tour of the program while children are in session. We can discuss your family’s needs and make sure you receive registration materials.

Enrollment Process

All calls or inquiries are to be noted in the log maintained by the Director. Any inquiring parent should receive the following written information:
  • Brochures
  • Registration
  • Timeline of the Enrollment Process
  • For Parents
  • Mission and Philosophy
  • Values of Reggio Emilia Programs
  • Transition Plans
  • Tuition Schedule
  • Financial Assistance Information
  • Outline of the Day
  • Child Guidance Policies
  • Parental Rights
  • Preschool Curriculum
  • Kindergarten Curriculum
Those parents applying to the school should receive all the forms listed above, along with an application. A $50.00 processing fee must be submitted along with the completed application for each child. Acceptance is based on the following criteria:
  • Those currently enrolled
  • Siblings
  • Placement on fall lottery for new families
It is understood that the Director reserves the right to use discretion in the enrollment process.

Applications begin to be accepted for the following academic year. Families are encouraged to visit the school while programs are in operation in order to collect good information about the program, briefly observe, and ask questions. A registration form will be available at this visit, along with other written information about the program. Returning the registration fee along with a non-refundable $50 processing fee begins the application process, but does not guarantee a placement.

Families whose children are currently enrolled return their registration forms with processing fees no later than December 1 in order to guarantee placement in the following academic year.
If there have been more applications from prospective families than spaces, a lottery will determine the order of priority given to each family in the registration process. This lottery will be conducted on December 1.
Families will be notified of available spaces and will be asked to submit a Tuition Responsibility form and pay a $250 deposit within two weeks of that notification in order to hold a space for the next fall.

Family visits are scheduled so that children and their families can meet teachers, play briefly in their assigned classroom, and confirm that fall placements will meet each child’s needs.

Processing Fee
A non-refundable processing fee of $50 must be submitted along with each child’s application to the school.

Tuition responsibility
A parent or guardian for each child must sign a “Tuition Responsibility Form” upon registration. Billing dates are as follows:

$250 deposit is due within two weeks of confirmation of space.
June 1 - 1/3 tuition
Oct. 1 - 1/3 tuition
Feb. 1 - 1/3 tuition

Alternative payment plans may be possible by arrangement.

Each family agrees to be responsible for payment of tuition for the entire academic year.

Tuition Refund
No tuition will be refunded until the school is able to find a replacement for the withdrawing student.
When a student is found to replace the withdrawing student, the portion of tuition covered by the replacement will be refunded.

Billing Policy
For billing purposes, the Learning Circle School year consists of three terms. The terms’ date and their corresponding payment due dates are as follows:

September-November payment due June 1
December-February payment due October 1
March-June payment due February 1

Unless payment for each term is received or special arrangements are made with the director or treasurer on or before the due date of each term, a student may not be permitted to attend class for that term.

A notice of the above school policy will be communicated to every family with the first bill of the school year.

Billing Procedure
All bills are to be mailed at least one month before the beginning of each term.

If tuition is not paid by the date stated on the bill (30 days after receipt of the bill), the families in question will be contacted by the director, who will reiterate the policy of prepayment for each term, and offer assistance in setting up a payment plan. If the bill is still not paid after a suitable time, the treasurer will call the families. Unless special arrangements are made with the treasurer at this time, or the bill is paid, the child may not be admitted for the upcoming term.


This Registration Form should be printed, filled out and mailed to the school with a $50 processing fee. If you don’t already have an appointment to visit the school, we will call you to make one.