Enrichment Programs

Daily Routine

After collecting lunch (children bring a nut free lunch from home) and washing up in the transition period, each child has time to eat lunch in a relaxed manner with teachers and peers. When finished each child clears his or her space and moves to the carpet to begin a quiet book time while teachers help individual children with tooth brushing.

During the rest time that follows, a relaxing mood is set through quiet voices, low lights, relaxation exercises, and individual cots for each child. Those children who are unable to sleep are encouraged to continue to quietly look at books.

After a rest, children help put personal items and cots away, and join a planning meeting. Teachers introduce a topic and/or project at this meeting, generating conversations among the children around a common theme. Children discuss afternoon plans and choices with teachers in order to plan for their afternoon time.

Children begin the activity period with activities and/or projects that follow up from the meeting discussion. If time allows, children explore other centers and materials in the classroom freely. The play period ends with a group clean up and preparation for outdoor play.

After about 30 minutes outdoors (depending on the weather it may be shorter or longer), children return to the classroom for a goodbye meeting. Children gather on the carpet to relax and share conversations as they wait for their pickup person to arrive.