Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

A limited amount of money shall be made available for financial assistance. It is the intention of the school that this money will enable families who otherwise might not be able to afford Learning Circle Preschool to send their children to the school.

Financial assistance will be awarded on the basis of financial need. Criteria for awards are based on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Subsidized Child Care Sliding Fee Scale.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to use discretion in making decisions about financial assistance, understanding that there may be exceptional circumstances and needs that are worthy of consideration.

Applications for financial assistance should be made as soon as a space in the program has been offered. The Board of Directors will review the bulk of financial assistance applications at its March meeting (in anticipation of the next school year).

If a family is enrolled at a different point in the enrollment cycle or faces changed circumstances during the school year that their child is enrolled, applications for financial assistance will be considered to the extent funds allow.

All parents will be made aware of the availability of financial assistance (as is now noted on the bottom of the tuition information sheet given to each parent and in the Parent Handbook). In addition, parents should be made aware of:

  • The application timeline for financial assistance
  • The criteria for financial awards
  • Documentation of gross family income and the completion of a “Confidential Report for Financial Assistance” will be required of any family applying for assistance.

A committee consisting of the Treasurer, Director, and other designated member of the Finance Committee will determine who will receive financial assistance based on guidelines decided by the Board. This decision will be based on the current finances of the school and on the financial situation of the family applying for assistance. Each family applying for assistance must fill out a “Confidential Report for Financial Assistance” form and will be expected to contribute some money for their child’s tuition.

Awards for financial assistance will be applied to relief of midyear and/or ending billing obligations whenever possible. A specific payment plan will be established with each family receiving assistance, to help assure that obligations to the school are met in a timely manner.

The state median income figures that are the basis for subsidized childcare fees will be researched annually to assure that all necessary adjustments are made in the sliding fee scale.

As in all matters of school policy, awards of financial assistance will be made in strict adherence to the non-discrimination policies of the school.

Financial Assistance Application Form