Enrollment (returning/sibling) FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the enrollment process for returning children and siblings

When are registrations for next year due?
Technically forms are due December 1st but this is a process that takes a while for
some families. If you know your preferred schedule, please send in forms by December 1st. If you are unsure about what to do for next year, please let someone know by December 1st so that we can either set a meeting to talk about it or try to keep some flexibility through the process.

Will my child’s teachers help me with my decision about the educational values of various schedules or classes?
Absolutely! Please let a teacher know that you are hoping to talk about this. And
know that if your child’s teachers have some insights into a good transition they
will reach out to you too.

Do I need to know about enrichment programs or extended day this early?
Not necessarily. If you register for the days you’ll need, you can always adjust your child’s afternoon schedule later. That said, afternoon spaces often fill up, so please share your thinking with us so that we can be sure you have choices!

What if I’m applying to another school and won’t hear about a placement until later?
Let us know if you’d like us to try to maintain some flexibility through our enrollment cycle in case you need a space, and we’ll let you know how long we can be flexible.

Does my family have a priority for next year’s enrollment?
Yes, both returning children and their siblings are typically placed first, as long as
forms come in in a timely manner and/or we’ve made a plan to try to hold options for your family.

Once I submit my registration form, does that mean my child’s space will be held?
No. You must also:
1) Submit a $50 processing fee for each registration,
2) Submit a signed tuition responsibility form,
3) Submit a $250 deposit, and
4) return a signed tuition responsibility form. This should all happen within 2 weeks of submitting the registration and hearing confirmation that there is a space.

When will prospective families hear about spaces?
Enrollment is a fluid process that begins as close to December 1st as possible. We’ll start offering spaces to new families once we are sure there are space available to offer. That’s one more reason we need to hear from you as early as possible! After mid-December (December 15th) all placements are first come first served.

Please talk with either Katrina or your child’s teachers before December 15th if there are any remaining questions about best options for next year.